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So You Want to Work on Elevators...

If you are interested in becoming an Elevator Constructor, please read the following information. If you are interested in our work picture, please scroll to the bottom of this page. If you are interested in working in the Los Angeles or San Diego area, the following information is what you need to know.


Responsible for assisting in the installation, maintenance and repair of passenger and freight elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters and moving sidewalks under the direction of the Mechanic.

Essential Job Functions:

1. Manually loads, unloads and moves materials, equipment and tools from vehicles to work areas. Requires lifting parts weighing up to 100lbs.

2. Manually cleans elevator car tops, machine rooms, pits, rails and hoist ways within non-controlled climate field setting.

3. Manually paints machine rooms and pit.

4. Uses periods of high concentration and knowledge of elevator systems to assist mechanic in electrical and mechanical installation, repair or service operations. Requires following written or oral directions of mechanic and/or field superintendent. Requires color perception to distinguish color-coded wiring components.

5. Maintains elevator lighting fixtures.

6. Visually and audibly monitors equipment operation to determine faulty functioning. Requires ability to withstand heights and cramped working conditions.



This section describes the basic physical and mental abilities and skills necessary to be considered for apprenticeship in the Elevator Industry.


1. The ability to understand general arithmetic.

2. The ability to speak and write in a clear and understandable manner for internal/external relations.

3. The ability to understand verbal or written instructions.

4. Successful completion of all required NEIEP courses.

5. Knowledge ordinarily acquired through High School or the equivalent experience (GED).

6. The ability to learn, practice, and adhere to safety standards.

Mental Effort:

1. The ability to maintain normal attention spans, with intermittent periods of high concentration, to assist the mechanic in electrical and mechanical installation, repair or service operations approximately 70% of the time.

2. The ability to perform administrative duties such as data gathering and submitting written reports.


1. The ability to walk or stand approximately 90% and to sit approximately 10% of the time on the job.

2. The ability to lift up to 100lbs approximately 75% of the time.

3. The ability to perform repetitive stooping, forward bending and crouching approximately 70% of the time.

4. The ability and willingness to travel up to 95% of the time.    


Edward J. Lackey

Local NEIEP Coordinator/Administrator

National Elevator Industry Educational Program

Southern Nevada
Apr 23, 2015
How Recruitment Works
Oct 20, 2008

Feb 19, 2007

If you would like to transfer into Local 18, you must comply with Article 12 Section 7 of the Local Constitution and Bylaws.

Upon a motion and a second by members in good standing of Local 18, an International member may be requested to deposit his card in Local 18. He/she shall have worked in Local 18's jurisdiction for a minimum of 6 months and must be presently working in covered employment. He/she shall appear before the interviewing committee with vouchers for investigation.

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